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Safety Advisory: Fitness to Work


Safety Advisory
Fitness to Work

What is Fitness to Work?
Fitness to work is ones physical and mental ability to complete his/her job task.

What Affects Our Fitness to Work?
Most people think that only work related injuries or illness affect our fitness to work, however non-work related illness or injury can have just as much effect on fitness to work.

For instance if you develop an upper respiratory infection and you go to your personal physician, they will treat your symptoms with medications and rest. Here are some things that you should discuss with your doctor:

Return to Work/ Doctor's Excuse
A doctor's excuseis needed for work time missed, these should be turned in to your supervisor and again this will be communicated to HSE/HR. Certain Illness and Injuries will require a Fitness for Work Evaluation:

Doctor's Release to work should be obtained for all treatment by a medical professional.(Work or Non-Work Related).

Your Health and Safety on the job are most important. Going into Hazardous work areas with medications that may alter reaction time, or where physical limitations may diminish your capacity to escape to a safe area, put you at risk. Please don’t forget that you must report all illnesses, injuries, and medications to your Shamrock supervisor. Also insure that Return to work forms are submitted before going out for your next shifts.