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Safety Advisory: Heat Safety Risk with Energy Drinks

Safety Advisory
Heat Safety Risk with Energy Drinks

For those who participate in outdoor activities or work in the heat, beware of consuming energy drinks. Drinking these sugary concoctions potentially raises the risk of heat illness because drinking highly caffeinated beverages can promote dehydration. Typically loaded with caffeine, a diuretic, the beverages can sap the water bodies need to perspire and maintain a healthy metabolic temperature.

Top 10 ingredients in energy drinks:

The dangers of drinking to many energy drinks at one time include:

The Work Health Organizations Warning:
Dangers that energy drinks pose to young people is concerning since 68% of adolescents consume them. They recommend that:

Stay Hydrated to Beat the Heat
The healthiest liquid for your body is water, there is no better substitute. Before working in the heat, start to hydrate the night before and continue throughout the day. If you wait until you are thirsty then you are too late. Limit the amounts of caffeine intake and be extremely cautious with energy drinks.

Please also refer to site safety rules for the areas in which we work, as policies vary for heat illness prevention and some may prohibit the use of Energy Drinks. As always your safety is of the utmost importance, you have the right and responsibility to stop work that is unsafe!