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Safety Advisory: Electrical Safety


Safety Advisory
Electrical Safety

May is National Electrical Safety Month and it's a great time to review electrical safety within our work areas. Daily at work or at home we interact with electrical components. We should always use caution when doing so. Something as simple as plugging an electrical cord into a receptacle can be hazardous if we don’t take the time to do it safely.

Electrical Cords

Lock Out/Tag Out 

Electrical Tools and Equipment 

Mobile Equipment 

Electrical Panels and Outlets 

Electricity has made daily life more efficient and comfortable. We are in constant use of energized electrical equipment both at home and at work. Please take the time to review site specific procedures and ensure compliance. When at home remember to utilize electrical safety training from work and share with friends and neighbours. Always approach electricity with the utmost caution, and remember you have the right and responsibility to stop work that is unsafe.