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Hurricane Preparedness


Safety Advisory
Hurricane Preparedness

The warmer months are here and hurricane season is fast approaching. If you live and work in this region, then you are well aware of what hurricane season means. These potentially devastating and powerful storms can bring much fear to anyone who may be in their paths. We must be as knowledgeable and as prepared for these events as we possibly can. Even if we have been though several large storms before, it never hurts to reacquaint yourself with the procedures and safety precautions associated with them.

The season starts on June 1st and officially ends on November 30. During this time of the year, a hurricane has the highest potential to develop. In the event a hurricane does form in the gulf, we will monitor the storm from beginning to end. As an employee, you should become familiar with the storm plan on your respective facility/platform. As these plans can differ from company to company and facility to facility. The supervisors aboard the platforms will be able to facilitate what needs to be done to prepare the platform for the storm. Please look to them for instruction. It is also important to remain patient in these emergencies. Most everyone has families that they need to go home to so everyone will be evacuated from their facilities as quickly and safely as the schedule and elements allow.

This is also a good time to prepare your home for the upcoming hurricane season in your time off. There are several things that need to be done there as well.



It is also very important to for all employees to update emergency contact information that the company has on file. It could be vitally important to reach you before, during or after a storm so please have this information changed if it needs to be.