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News: 10 MIL Exposure Hours - 0 LTIS!

10 MILLION Exposure Hours - ZERO Lost Time Injuries

Shamrock Energy Solutions is excited to announce the achievement of an important safety milestone: 10,000,000 exposure hours with ZERO lost time injuries! A lost time injury is an occurrence that results in a fatality, permanent disability or time lost from work. Shamrock has also secured several consecutive years of recordable averages well below the industry standard, and the organization has never been issued a governmental citation. In an industry laden with inherit risks, this is exceptional safety performance!

These accomplishments are a testament to the strong safety culture that Shamrock has earned a reputation for maintaining over the years. The company has succeeded in creating an environment where each team member is enabled and encouraged to communicate safety messages and report close calls or incidents. Shamrock employees are instilled with a sense of ownership and the belief that working injury-free is not only attainable, but expected. “It’s in our DNA and has truly become the way we do things around here. Our team deeply believes that anything less is unacceptable,” says HSE Director, Troy Granier.

A strong and proficient safety culture starts with a meticulously fine-tuned safety strategy. Shamrock’s HSE management system has developed a multifaceted safety plan to prevent incidents before they occur. The organization created and utilizes a program called SAPP (Shamrock Accident Prevention Process), which addresses one of the contributing causes to most incidents and injuries: human behavior. “SAPP is a proactive and hands-on approach to safety that prevents at-risk behavior through peer-to-peer intervention and open discussion,” says Granier. Because it is a computer-based program, the information gained from these discussions is constantly being tracked and trended to understand how at-risk behaviors are motivated. Another preemptive tactic that Shamrock employs is the use of GEOTAB GPS systems throughout their entire fleet of vehicles. These devices provide audible alerts for driver behavior modification, such as not wearing a seatbelt, speeding, harsh starts/stops and reverse parking. Since the implementation of the GPS systems, the company has experienced a pronounced reduction in vehicle accidents and damages, a reduction in insurance premiums, as well as more timely and open discussions about vehicle safety. “We would like to sincerely thank Troy Granier and his HSE team for providing Shamrock with the vision and tools to continuously improve our safety performance,” states Shamrock President and CEO, Jeff Trahan. “We would also like to express our deep gratitude to each and every Shamrock employee for their never-ending commitment to safety, Shamrock and each other.”

Chief Operating Officer, Daryl Rousse affirms that Shamrock team members are the driving force behind the vision of zero lost time injuries. He also attributes the organization’s continued growth and success to their employees’ professionalism and focus on safety. “Given our industry’s current challenges, I am certain that companies without a comparable safety record are not likely experiencing the stability and opportunities we are blessed to have here at Shamrock Energy Solutions.”