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News: 360° Focus Program

In an effort to further strengthen and enhance our safety culture, Shamrock Energy Solutions has developed and implemented the 360° Focus program. All employees assigned to a Shamrock fleet vehicle shall walk 360° around their vehicle and perform a thorough vehicle inspection prior to entering and moving a parked vehicle. Every vehicle in the Shamrock fleet will have a 360° Focus sticker affixed to the inside corner of the driver’s side window directly above the door handle to remind employees to perform these walk-around inspections. These inspections can easily be performed in a matter of seconds and no formal documentation will be required. It is important that every employee takes the time necessary to properly perform these inspections and focus on the potential hazards that exist around the vehicle. Research from various companies with similar programs in place have reported a significant decrease to vehicle related incidents and even saved lives!


With the addition of the 360° Focus program, the Driving Safety module has been updated on the intranet to include these new requirements, and Shamrock’s Vehicle Policy has been modified to reflect the addition of this program. Shamrock has also issued a revised Weekly Vehicle Inspection Report. The inspection report has been enhanced to include various safety components of a vehicle and the 360° Focus program.


At Shamrock Energy Solutions, every employee’s personal safety is of the utmost importance. Always use caution when operating a vehicle, whether it’s a fleet or personally owned vehicle. I would like to thank all of our employees for their cooperation and participation in the 360° Focus program. I firmly believe this effort will greatly reduce vehicle incidents and property damage. Please contact our Safety Department at safety@go-shamrock.com with any questions.