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Rock Award Recipients

ROCK Award Recipients

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of Shamrock’s 2016 4th Quarter ROCK Award, BRANDON BONVILLAIN and VANCE MCBROOM!

Brandon has been with Shamrock since 2011, and is currently working as an I&E Supervisor for Hilcorp Energy. He was nominated for this prestigious award by his managers. “Brandon has great leadership skills and the quality of his work is unparalleled. I believe that after every job he has been on, the customer has given us extra work because they were blown away by the quality of his work and how efficiently he gets the job done,” said I&E Project Manager, Tony Hebert.

Vance McBroom has also been with Shamrock since 2011 and works for Fieldwood Energy as a Lead Operator. He was nominated for the ROCK Award not only by his manager, but by a customer as well. “Vance always goes above and beyond, and he strives to learn all he that can with a positive attitude. Not only is he self-motivated, he also motivates his co-workers. We at Fieldwood are confident that Vance can be sent to any of our locations and be able to understand his duties and flow train by the first or second day,” said Fieldwood Lead Operator and PIC, Corey Clark.

We would also like to congratulate and applaud the 2016 4th quarter ROCK Award nominees: :

Congratulations to Brandon and Vance, as well as all of the nominees! Your hard work and dedication is noticed and truly appreciated!

We will be accepting nominations for the 2017 1st Quarter ROCK Award until March 17, 2017. To nominate a co-worker, email Strive@go-shamrock.com. The nominee must have shown outstanding achievement in one of the following categories during that quarter:
Reinforcing Shamrock’s Corporate Safety Policy
Outclassing others in Work Performance
Commandeering a Team Effort to a Successful Outcome
Keeping Shamrock at the Forefront of our Industry