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News: Cameron Richard

We are very pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2018 First Quarter ROCK Award is CAMERON RICHARD! Cameron is a Power Generation/ Electrical Services Technician and has been with Shamrock since 2014. Cameron is highly requested by many of our customers, as he does such an outstanding job troubleshooting and repairing generators, VFDs, switchgears, alarm systems, Gaitronics and lighting systems. He is also the “go-to guy” for one of our customers with platforms in Gabon, West Africa. Cameron has made several trips to Gabon to complete jobs such as bearing changes to a 750kw generator, as well as electrical equipment installations on various platforms there. He was also recently praised by another customer for his successful completion of an automatic pneumatic louver ram installation.


“Cameron is a very knowledgeable and hardworking individual. Over the past four years, he has grown from electrical tech to my premier power generation/electrical service technician. He is asked for by name by countless customers,” says Cameron’s manager, Bart Bergeron. “He always puts forth 100% effort, regardless of the task or complexity of the job.” Congratulations, Cameron! We are so proud to have you on the Shamrock team and we appreciate all of your hard work!


The ROCK Award is a huge honor, and just being nominated is a great achievement! Congratulations to our 2018 First Quarter nominees:



Know of a team member that goes above and beyond for Shamrock and the customers we serve? Nominate them for the ROCK Award! Nominations can be submitted to strive@go-shamrock.com. Click here to learn more about Shamrock's ROCK Award Program.