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Upgrade to ControlLogix Today!

PLC-5 Discontinued - Upgrade to ControlLogix Today!

The PLC-5® programmable logic controller has been a valuable piece of equipment in our industry for more than thirty years. But no technology can last forever. June 30th marked the discontinuation of the remainder of the PLC-5® processor family.  

Now is the time to modernize your control system to the ControlLogix® platform. Migrating to the ControlLogix® family of Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) offers a competitive advantage for our customers by leveraging contemporary technologies and advancements in safety, security, mobility and connectivity. This platform also eliminates the need for multiple discrete control systems as it utilizes a common control engine in a single development environment. This means you can increase efficiency and productivity across all facets of your operation.

If you’re ready to trade up, Shamrock’s team has the tools and expertise to help you migrate from the PLC-5® processors to the ControlLogix® controllers. Over the last year, we have assisted several customers with the process of upgrading to the Contol- Logix® platform, including Shell Pipeline, W & T Offshore and Williams Gas Pipeline. Contact us today at I&E@go-shamrock.com.

Migrate to ControlLogix to Achieve These Benefits: