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News: A Message From COO

A Message From Shamrock's Chief Operating Officer

Let me begin by saying, thanks to everyone at Shamrock for the warm welcome I received when I became part of the Shamrock family.

While contemplating retirement from Shell Oil Company, I was certain that if I were to retire, I wanted to continue working in the same industry. Having done business with Shamrock while at Shell, I knew that Shamrock had a talented management team and was well positioned for growth. When I was offered an opportunity to be part of the Shamrock team, I excitedly accepted and was honored to be given the opportunity to be part of something special.

In the last 18 months, our industry has been challenged, resulting in cutbacks that have not been seen since the early 90’s. As oil prices have recently dropped below $30 a barrel, Shamrock continues to experience growth that is uncharacteristic within our line of business in today’s environment. Although this growth is exciting, it has not insulated us from the challenges facing our industry. Shamrock’s team is making steady progress by implementing the necessary cost reductions needed in preparation for what could be a prolonged bottom; however, I am confident that our team is primed for this challenge, and will come out of this cycle a stronger company. It is no surprise to me why Shamrock continues to have opportunities for growth. I am positive it is because our customers recognize the value of YOU, our employees at Shamrock. Although it may sound cliché, in my short time here, I sincerely recognize that our employees truly are our most valuable asset.  

I would like to recognize each of you for finishing 2015 with ZERO LTI’s (Lost Time Injuries) and a TRIR (Total Recordable Injury Rate) of 0.28 (Shamrock had a TRIR of 0.17 in 2014). This is exceptional safety performance! Companies without a comparable safety performance are likely not having the stability and opportunities that we are blessed to have here at Shamrock.

Your professionalism and your focus on safety contribute to a large part of what makes Shamrock special. I am proud to be part of something special.

Stay focused! Stay safe!