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News: Hilcorp Partnership

Shamrock Partners with Hilcorp

Hilcorp Energy operates a large Brown Field in East Texas, which was discovered in 1938 and encompasses 11,500 acres. This site was chosen for an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) project and CO2 injection on a 4,000 acre target zone. The EOR project required a large infrastructure upgrade, which Shamrock Energy Solutions was able to play a vital role in.

Shamrock is providing skilled electrical and instrumentation labor for this project. Our construction efforts consist of, the installation of cable tray, conduit, instrumentation and pneumatic tubing. This infrastructure is crucial for the safe operation, control and monitoring of the production site.

Hilcorp entrusted this endeavor to Shamrock due to our proven track record for quality and expertise. This marks Shamrock’s 4th large scale project with the company in recent years. Hilcorp has been very pleased with our performance and has praised Shamrock foreman, Dylan Fournier and his team for their hard work and professionalism on this project.

Shamrock would like to thank Hilcorp Energy for the opportunity to collaborate with them once again, and we look forward to a continued partnership in the future. We would also like to thank our team on the ground for demonstrating the skill and dedication that Shamrock Energy Solutions has become known for.