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Shamrock was selected by Newpark Drilling Fluids as their “Turnkey” Automation/ I&E contractor for their new 44,000bbl Water Based Mud plant as well as, renovations and upgrades to the 39,000bbl Synthetic Based Oil facility in Port Fourchon, Louisiana. Newpark realized that through the use of a sophisticated state of the art controls system, and the ability for the facility to be operable from a single control station, it would boost the efficiency and repeatability of the system, positioning Newpark Drilling Fluids as front-runner in the industry.

This control system consists of a single Allen Bradly PLC and 30 Remote I/O Panels, which Shamrock designed and built in our 28,000 square foot facility in Houma, Louisiana. Each Remote I/O panel communicates via fiber optics back to the plants PLC located in the facilities MCC. The control system allows a single individual to operate the plants 800+ valves, 25+ pumps/motors and monitor its 75+ tanks from a single location. The facility is monitored and controlled via HMI or Human Machine Interface, in which Shamrocks programmers closely worked with Newpark and C.A.S.E. International personnel (Newpark’s contracted engineering firm) to develop an interface which closely mimicked the facility’s monitoring pre-automation to ensure that it was as user-friendly for the operators as possible.

We were very proud to be part of such an industry-leading endeavor and look forward to partnering with Newpark Drilling Fluids in the future.