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News: Rock Award

ROCK Award Program

Shamrock Energy Solutions is excited to announce that on July 1, 2016, we are launching our ROCK Award Program! Shamrock has continued to grow and succeed due to the dedication, hard work and skill of our employees, and we want to showcase our outstanding people for their accomplishments. The ROCK Award program has been established to recognize an employee for achievement above and beyond what is ordinarily expected.

How will it work?
The nominee must have shown outstanding achievement in one of the following categories during that quarter:

Reinforcing Shamrock’s Corporate Safety Policy
Outclassing others in Work Performance
Commandeering a Team Effort to a Successful Outcome
Keeping Shamrock at the Forefront of our Industry

Nominations can be sent in anytime within the quarter to strive@go-shamrock.com with the following information: 

At the end of each quarter, the STRIVE Committee will meet and select the recipient of the ROCK Award from the nominations received throughout the quarter. The STRIVE Committee is comprised of 6 leaders within our organization who represent each business unit at Shamrock.

During the following quarter, the awardee will be presented with the ROCK Award, a gift card and will be featured in the following quarter Rock Report newsletter.

For more information on our ROCK Award Program, contact Becky McManus at becky.mcmanus@go-shamrock.com