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News: Shell Pipeline

Praise from Shell Pipeline

Shell Pipeline Company has recently praised and rewarded three outstanding Shamrock team players. “We would like to recognize electricians, DeQuincey Robinson and Jarod Catalano, as well as I&E technician, Craig Mullins for their great contribution to the safety and overall success of PSBR3 Compliance and Platform Modification (Pump Module Relocation) projects at SS241 platform,” said a Shell Pipeline Project Engineer.

This project required that Shamrock refurbish a pump module on land and then reinstall it offshore on the SS241 platform. The pump module consisted of three pipeline pumps with associated instrument, valves, lights, engine controls and pump controls.

We would like to congratulate and express our sincere appreciation to DeQuincey, Jarod and Craig for demonstrating the hard work, dedication and expertise that Shamrock has become known for. It is team members like you who have made our organization a trusted partner in the industry!