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News: Thermal Imaging

Shamrock’s Power Generation/ Electrical Services team has recently completed preventative maintenance on the equipment of several different platforms for one of our customers. We utilized an infra-red camera to capture thermal imaging reports on the customer’s motors, transformers, motor starters, battery chargers, VFD’s, switchgears, and generators.


Thermal imaging is usually an annual or a semi-annual preventive maintenance, which detects loose connections, premature equipment failure, bearing issues, overload situations, etc. by the differences in the color spectrum based on temperature. This is a very informative non-contact maintenance that allows us to observe the equipment in operation. We can determine if equipment needs attention, and if operations allow, we will address the situation on the spot. We review all thermal imaging in shop and generate a report in which we indicate the status of the equipment. Shamrock notifies the customer if the equipment is running satisfactorily or if it is need of attention and what we expect the issues are that need to be corrected.


Shamrock has been performing this maintenance annually for several of our customers for many years now, and they have been very pleased with Shamrock’s efforts. We are able to provide these customers with a service that has become quite a selling-point on their equipment. For more information on Shamrock’s maintenance services, contact our Power Generation Manager, Bart Bergeron at bart.bergeron@go-shamrock.com.