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News: Wellness Program

2016 Wellness Program Kick-off

In 2015, Shamrock launched a company-wide wellness program called “Just for the Health of it!” Employees were able to earn points by participating in our company challenges, such as receiving a flu shot, donating blood at our semi-annual blood drives, logging food and exercise on our wellness portal, taking advantage of free wellness exams through Blue Cross and completing an online health assessment. Our employees’ participation helped Shamrock to achieve a successful inaugural year, while their competitive streak helped them earn the chance to win company t-shirts, hats, gift cards, activity trackers, a $250 grand prize, and much more.

Being healthy and well is something we sometimes put aside, but there are dangers to not knowing our health risk factors. By completing the personal health assessment through our wellness program, employees and their families can find out what areas might be cause for concern. Shamrock’s Wellness program is geared towards detecting risk factors, preventing serious illnesses and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A few of the ways our program can help you achieve your wellness goal is by offering a variety of meal plans, exercise plans, one-on-one support, an app for convenience, and a Registered Dietician! To learn more about our wellness program, or to register, click here.

We are excited to kick-off our 2016 Wellness Program with our first monthly challenge, “Rock Walk.” Join us for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Relieve stress while burning calories and getting those endorphins going!

For questions regarding this challenge or our Wellness program, “Just For The Health of It!”, please contact Jessica Stegall at benefits@go-shamrock.com