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News: BBSM Contest Winner!

BBSM Contest Winner, Tony Hebert!

At the start of 2016 we made revisions to our Behavior Based Safety Management Program (BBSM) and asked for input on what the name of our program should be. We received several entries and a committee selected a winner. Congratulations to Tony Hebert for his winning entry:

SAPP - Shamrock Accident Prevention Process

Behavior Based Safety Management is a process by which samples of behaviors are taken to identify potential hazards, reinforce safe behaviors and to coach improvement of at risk behaviors. SAPP will be a proactive approach to safety and will prevent incident and injury through peer to peer intervention. This will be a “no name-no blame” process that aids in developing and strengthening a safety culture through open discussion. We will utilize information gleaned from observations to proactively prevent injury, focus on areas of improvement and implement action plans that will ultimately make Shamrock Energy Solutions a safer company.

Congratulations, Tony!